Auto Hold Feature in Video Poker

Auto hold video poker is a strategy used while playing poker. Poker is the world's most popular card game. It is also the world's favorite way to gamble. The universal popularity of poker makes it certain to be in every single online casino and gaming website. However, there are many different variants of poker. These include Texas Hold-em Poker, Three Card Poker, etc. Each of these different variants of poker comes with a different optimal strategy that the player must learn. Some of these strategies are quite complex and most players do not know the optimal strategies for all the different kinds of poker. Video poker is a kind of poker played online where the player is dealt 5 cards in his hand. Out of these 5 cards, he has to make the highest ranking hand he possibly can.

In video poker, the player may keep any of his cards and have the others replaced. If the player knows the optimal strategy for video poker, he may have a 99% of getting an even payout on his bet. However, as we said before, not everyone is well versed with the optimal strategies. For this reason auto hold video poker may be used to compensate for not knowing optimal strategy. There are many types of online gaming software that has the optimal gaming strategy built into it. For video poker, this sort of built in optimal strategy is called auto hold video poker. The online gaming company, Microgaming, uses software called Viper which has this sort of auto hold video poker enabled. A player can choose to activate the auto hold video poker mode where there is a second payout table with lower payout ratios.

A player should only activate the auto hold video poker mode when he does not know the optimal strategy for video poker, if he does then he should use regular mode with the higher payout.