Bluffing in Bad Spots

One thing many players don't think about when playing poker is being able to bluff in bad spots. Also sometimes called randomization based on equity, this is a situation in which you will be able to take down even those with the strongest hands. The reason is that individuals believe it's a bad turn to bet so they will likely fold or limp into pots and the moment you start betting higher, they're going to fold anyway.

The Benefits

Not only will you have the opportunity to get the pot in situations where other players could potentially have stronger hands than you, but your hand will be a bit disguised from this position. Taking down those stronger hands gives you control of the board and it doesn't give individuals a lot of opportunity to judge what you're doing.

Getting a Pot in a Bad Situation

The most obvious benefit of this move is that you're going to win the pot in a bad situation, whereas most other players might fold and end up losing that pot. Most of the time, the pot isn't going to be a huge one, but it's worth taking if you can get to it easily.

Taking note of the equity in any hand is important and in this specific situation, you have the ability to gain a good pot without a lot of work. While bluffing is involved, it's easier in this situation because most people are giving up on the hand before it's even over.