Managing Bets in Poker MTT Tournaments

In poker MTT tournaments or poker tournaments involving multiple tables, the way a player bets can greatly affect his or her performance in the tournament ranking. No matter how good the player's hand may be, if it's not played correctly, it can cost the player everything.

Paying Attention to the Blinds

Players in poker MTT tournaments should always structure the size of the bet around the size and the quantity of the blinds. In some tournaments, players are only given 10 blinds per stage. If there are as many players at the table as there are blinds, this gives players only a handful of chances to win the table. The best way to bet in these circumstances is to go all in. If the hand is even marginally competitive, the player should seize every opportunity to edge out the weaker players and increase the size of the pot.

Playing against Other People's stacks

Another strategy is to play not against the other players, but play against their chip counts. If a player is sitting on a large stack, they are typically unfazed by large raises, even if he or she has a weaker hand. Players in poker MTT tournaments, then, should play aggressively against those with smaller pots. It's much easier to intimidate them out of a hand or force them into a standoff because they can't afford to do otherwise. As the weaker players fall out of the game, the stronger player's stacks grow, and the game can be played on more even footing.

By accounting for the blinds and the other players' stacks, players in poker MTT tournaments can quickly increase their winnings and shrink the table, giving them the ultimate advantage.