Types of Poker Games

With how popular online poker is, there's no doubt that you may have heard of it before already if you're a gambler. However, there's a high chance that what you may know may only be the surface. Some players even end up only knowing about Texas Hold'em without even being introduced to other poker games in the industry. There are diverse types of variants and if you really want to become a fan, you need to know some of them. On johnnypoker.com, you'll learn some different poker games you could play today along with other information that may help you later on if you decide to play online poker. Over the past few years, more and more players have started playing poker on their mobile phone or tablet. The opportunity to play Texas Hold'em, Omaha and even Caribbean Stud on the go is simply too irritable, which is why we recommend visiting nodepositsmobile.com where you'll find no deposit promos specific for mobile. There are many different types of no deposit bonuses to choose from, so make sure to take select the one that's best suited to your playing style.

Texas Hold'em

It is not an understatement to say that this is the most popular form of poker today. It's used in house poker games, minor and especially major tournaments that could help you move from online to live poker. You'll often see it at WSOP, WPT and other major tournaments. This game provides two hole cards to each player and 5 community cards. The hands are determined by the combination of community and hole cards. The blinds are determined first, there's the pre-flop, flop, turn and the river with betting rounds. The best hand or the remaining player who did not fold wins the pot.


Although the stages and betting a round of Hold'em pretty much plays the same way as the Omaha, there's a fine line of difference between these two online poker games. Omaha would deal 4 cards to each player and 5 community cards on the table. The winner can be either the strongest hand or it could also be a combination of the highest and lowest hand, depending on whether the game is being played on Omaha High or Omaha Hi-Lo, respectively.

Caribbean Stud

In this variant, your goal would a bit different from the two above, as your main opponent here is the dealer himself. Compared to the previous two, the game is a bit more straightforward in its betting structure as you would have to bet your ante first, then five cards are dealt immediately to you and dealer. There is another betting round after the dealing cards, followed by the showdown if you'd make the call. When the cards are dealt as well, one card from the dealer is face-up on the table and from this, you could make the decision of whether to call or fold.

5 Card Draw

The mechanics of this type of online poker games is more as straight as it goes as the goal is to beat other players' hands. Every player would first have to make their ante and would all receive 5 cards each. A round would follow and there would be a draw round next to it. The draw round would allow the player to change cards they are holding and draw again. There is another round and after that, there would be the showdown wherein the highest hand wins.

Top Online Poker Sites

If you'd like to have the best time playing online poker games, it is important to be careful on what to join. Make sure that the room has free chips for you to take advantage of, have regular multi-table tournaments and can be played whether it be on desktop or mobile. There are other factors to consider but, make sure that you are playing at a trustworthy site before you spend your money on their tables.